Iron & Why You Judgin’?

This one morning, I was walking out of my apartment building in the neighborhood of Koreatown. Some stereotypical-looking “hoodlum” comes walking by listening to music out-loud from his phone (more on this pet peeve below) and as he approaches closer I recognize the song that’s playing, and it wasn’t what I was expecting…It was “Naked as We Came” by Iron & Wine.

When I got to work, I played my 300+ song playlist, “Chill” on shuffle and would you guess which song came on first?—Yes, that’s correct. “Naked as We Came” by Iron & Wine. And I could only assume it was the universe saying “Shame on you for labeling that stranger a hoodlum, and shame on you for assuming he’d have shitty taste in music.”

To not be pre-judgmental. A lesson I’m perpetually learning.

So, let me tell you something about people who listen to their music on speakers in public—In transit, on sidewalks, in waiting rooms, wherever multiple strangers are around—They drive me absolutely bonkers! How dare you assume that everyone else wants to listen to whatever it is you’re blasting through your tinny, little speakers. And if that’s not what your assuming then, shame on you for being so selfish in thinking you should get to enjoy your shitty, b-list tunes at other’s unnerving expense.

Call me uptight….that’s what I might be.


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