Chantal in the City

Here’s an intro and link to my old Tumblr blog from back when I first moved to LA, Chantal in the City:


QUICK VERSION: I’m from Maine. This is what I see living in LA.
LONG VERSION: I moved to Los Angeles in September of 2011. My best friend & lover, John, has always had dreams of living in this city after college. Since my dreams came true when I met him, I may as well start following his. I live and work on opposite ends of this city and commute via public transit. I quickly realized that it’s a prime situation for people-watching and observations. It didn’t take long for my roommates to get tired of hearing all my stories, so I created this blog to transcribe my internal commentary. I find humans fascinating and understand that judgements cross our minds naturally. People’s behaviors can amuse us, confuse us, annoy us, impress us and make us laugh. So, this is my blog where I will rant on all my noteworthy run-ins.

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