My Favorite Trader Joe’s Items

Having lived at six different addresses over the past seven years, I have to say the frequency of my Trader Joes visits has always solely depended on my current home location, often leading to seldom visits (as is the case now) even though it’s my favorite grocery store. Even so, I’ve developed certain favorites that just can’t be replaced by any other versions of themselves….well, except for produce, which I haven’t included below— certainly not due to my lack of love for it, btw.

Oh, and none of this is meant to be of nutritional value…these are simply things that TASTE yummy to me…

SNACKS! – My favorite category, of course.

Wine Country Chicken Salad
I like to slap this stuff on a pita, or you could top it onto your favorite cracker. Unlike a typical chicken salad, I prefer this variety in non-sandwich form.

Chevre with Honey
So yes, you can get goat cheese anywhere, but at TJ’s…what a bargain! This flavor’s my favorite and it’s simply delectable when paired with a warm and toasty baguette.
chevre honey

Soft & Juicy Mango
Hands down the best dried fruit snack TJ’s has to offer.

Roasted Coconut Chips
The bag says it’s two servings, but I can totally eat these in one very short sitting. I would swallow them whole if their crunchy texture wasn’t so satisfying in my mouth.
Roasted Coconut

Sweet Plantain Chips
Another crunchy delight that keeps you reaching into the bag.

Spud Crunchies
These make me feel only a little bit like a fat-ass…Like I found a McDonalds French fry under the car seat that’s been there for god knows how long, but then I eat it anyway. Except it’s a whole bag of them! And they’re just as addicting as though they were “fresh” off the Fryolator.
Spud Crunchies

Turkey and Stuffing Seasonal Kettle Chips
My favorite holiday in a bag. What more can I say? (Except that I’m thankful these are seasonal because though they are tasty, they’re not something I’d eat every day.)

Garlic Spread-Dip
I LOVE GARLIC and this shit is my jam.
garlic spread dip

Olive Tapenade
I also LOVE olives! This is another snack best paired with a warm and toasty baguette. YUM.
Olive Tapenade

Salsa Authentica
Now, I know that TJ’s has a rather extensive collection of salsas to choose from, but honestly, I prefer to keep it simple with this basic, yet perfectly balanced Salsa Authentica. (Caution: Beware of its Salsa Verde counterpart—TOO SALTY!)


Cobb Salad
My favorite way to eat any salad…TOSSED! Nothing like tossing all these ingredients up in their own container for lunch. And I know what you’re thinking….RANCH. Ew yes, but here, it works. Every other pre-made Cobb Salad out there sucks.

Lemon Chicken Salad
Only one of the Trader Joe’s stores that I’ve ever been to has carried this salad, and how frustrating because it’s a definite favorite for me. It’s such a rare find that I could only locate this one shitty photo of it.

Thai Crunchy Slaw
Give me all the peanut sauce! My only complaint about this one is that sometimes the peanut dressing is too cold and thick and makes it difficult to TOSS THAT SALAD! And this slaw, unlike the one below, is best eaten on it’s own. 🙂
crunchy slaw

Vietnamese Style Shrimp Vermecelli
Go figure, I like the Vietnamese Style salad. This one reminds me of the popular cold rice noodle dish, Bún. They make a similar version with chicken, but I prefer the shrimp.
Shrimp Vermacelli Salad

Mango Jicama Slaw
This one, like any other slaw, is best served on the side or as a topping.

Salad Pallete with Mango
Here we go again with the Mango. Eating this one makes me feel healthy. Plus, I LOVE GOAT CHEESE.
Salad Palette


Cheese Enchiladas
Enchiladas are my favorite Mexican dish and you just can’t go wrong with these, especially at $1.99 for two!
Cheese Enchiladas

Ricotta & Spinach Tortelloni with Red Pesto
I’m not usually a tortellini fan (too dense), but these tortellOni are soft and yummy….Besides, who doesn’t love ricotta and/or pesto?! This was one of my go-to lunches back in the day when I used to shop at TJ’s.

Mac N Cheese
This is THE BEST packaged macaroni and cheese out there…boxed, bagged, frozen, perishable, whatever…it’s the best! It’s even better than a lot of homemade Mac and Cheeses out there. Such cheesy, gooey, goodness.
mac n cheese

Chicken & Vegetable Wonton Soup
I wouldn’t think that wonton soup would be good frozen, but this bowl is quite satisfying, especially with a touch of Sriracha added.
Chicken Wonton soup

Organic Jasmine Rice
I suck at cooking rice, which means I suck at being asian. But this microwavable steamed jasmine rice is a lifesaver and great alternative to rice-caked saucepans.
jasmine rice

Banana Chips
Surprisingly, this is the only sweet treat on my list of frozen goodies, but that’s probably because I’ve never shopped this section on the reg’. We’ll call that a good thing.


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