My name is Chantal. This blog has no purpose. Here are some things about me:

  • I’m from Maine.
  • I’m in love with a boy (man) named John and he’s my best friend.
  • I live in Los Angeles, but never wanted to. I’ve been here for 7 years and counting…
  • I work in Human Resources.
  • I’m not a “people-person,” but I still kick ass at my job.
  • I don’t enjoy assigning concrete definitions to abstract ideas.
  • I never jay-walk and tend to be a rule-follower…most of the time.
  • I don’t like to argue. Please don’t test me.
  • I’m happy almost all the time and feel guilty when I’m not.
  • I’m extremely grateful for everything I have and my only regret in life is that I took AP Government instead of Civics in high school. I suck at politics.

Anything else you want to know, just ask. I’ve always believed since a young age: The more I tell you, the less you can assume and the less you can assume, the more you’ll know the true me.