Chantal, Still in the City

Hi, my name is Chantal and this is the first entry of my new blog project, “The Pointless Pen.” I know I’m typing and so there is no actual pen, but maybe that plays into the entire pointless nature of this endeavor. Which brings me to the purpose of this blog…well, you guessed it–I don’t really have one.

I first thought of starting up another blog—See Chantal in the City—towards the end of last year, with every intention of putting it off until 2018. With that goal, I succeeded. But ever since January began, the pressure’s been on to put ideas to action. I have to say, sitting down to write this first post was likely the most difficult step. For weeks, I’ve been working on my blog simply by toying around with the layouts and pages over and over again, too afraid to reach writer’s block once I’d physically place my fingers in the “ASDF-JKL;” position. Ah, fear gets the best of us.

One of the reasons I decided to revive this hobby now was due to my larger 2018 goal (or some might call it, ‘resolution’) of “being more creative.” I’m not really sure what I mean when I say that. Sometimes, I feel like my brain and thought processes can be so boxy, when the child in me remembers how artistic I always longed to be. — As an example, I fear my writing style has lost its spunk. It’s become so literal, so lifeless, so afraid of being misconstrued. And why you might ask? …Because I’m a bad-ass HR professional who, over the past five years, has been writing nothing but effective policies, procedures, manuals, letters, forms, etc. BORING! It’ll be interesting, at least to myself, to see how my writing evolves…or if it does at all. In addition to my blog, the other creative attempts I’ve started this year include: getting back in piano, dot-journaling (post about this to come later!), and scrapbooking.

It’s been almost five years since I last kept a blog and I have to admit that it was fun documenting the bizarre happenings around me as I adapted to this freakish (yet opportunistic) city of Los Angeles. I can’t believe it sometimes when I put it to words, that it’s been over six years since I moved here from Maine and I’m STILL here. That was never part of my plan….but, did I ever really even have a plan? (I’ll talk more about my move across the country in a later post…or at least I plan to.) I kept “Chantal in the City” going for about a year and a half before my urges to post began to dwindle. I tend to attribute this to the continuous growth of my apathetic numbness towards the ridiculousness that surrounds me. To be fair to this city and the gems that can be found within it, most of that craziness refers to instances which occur during my work commutes via public transit. – I digress, and here I am again, ready to blog about subjects beyond what I last ranted about.

So, what will I be talking about? No clue. Actually, that’s a lie. I’ve got all these ideas fluttering about in my head, but there’s no common theme. I suppose you could conclude that having no theme in itself IS the theme. Expect randomness! I anticipate that I will create these posts simply dependent upon what I feel like writing about in the moment.

To bring this seeming introduction to a close, I’m very much looking forward to this new project, “The Pointless Pen.” However, I must throw the following out there: This project is for me. It’s not for you.–Though, I am choosing to share it with you. I don’t even know who “you” are as I sit here addressing you. I don’t expect anyone to enjoy this, though I know that many people might. There will be many times that I don’t make sense and often, I’m sure, I’ll just be bragging about myself and heck, that can be super annoying. But hey, I’m not forcing you to read this. Yet, I thank you for reading, my audience, whoever you are.


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